Monday, July 6, 2009

A Quick Update

We are home with good news and bad, as all life goes.

The bad news first.
Our robins were taken. Seems that after all my wondering as to why the robins made the nest in our yard of all the yards to pick, they were right. As soon as we were gone and the yard was quiet, the crows or magpies swept in and took all 4 babies. Actually, they missed one that fell to its death and I nearly stepped on its remains when we returned. Seems that all the noise that is our yard really was a haven for those babies.

Our hearts are heavy and we miss the barely audible chirps they made. I know. It really is the circle of life, but we miss the what was to come.

We finally took down the nest yesterday. The crows or magpies must have spied it last night and ripped a lot of grass out of it and it was strewn all over the deck. They made quite a mess.

The good news.
Physio has now ramped up to working on Matthew's foot as well as his hip. His p/t is certain that the turning in of his foot is coming from his hip. So, we need to make that little hip stronger. We now are using resistance bands.

He does a 'clam shell' exercise with the band around his knees and me immobilizing his hips and feet on a daily basis. That is in conjunction with the other hip exercises and the stretching of his foot three times a day.

Just wondering, do I get a degree at the end of all this?


Sue said...

Sorry to hear about the birds. I know my girls would be crushed. HUGS!

Sue said...

Seriously!! I'm with you on the degree idea ... Although what we have to do (and, unfortunately, don't always do) is nothing compared to your slate of twists and turns. They should have some kind of color-belt system, like Karate ... :)

Yes, I know full well the joys and pitfalls of having birds come into your yard. Thankfully our 2 had survived, and now we see another dad hanging out, chirping away and calling for a roommate. I wonder if he's some kind of loser-bird, because it's been a week and there have been no takers. He had been doing some house-cleaning too (can't be too much of a loser!) -- that's when we saw the remains of what must have been the 3rd little bird from the previous family. Kind of gross to think they were all living in there with a dead sibling ... eeeewww. Hope your boys are OK with this life-lesson. My kids get a little shaken up about this stuff.

Glad you're home!

Always A Party..... said...

I know what you mean about the degree....

Sorry to hear about your little birds. I know we had one in a nest in the garage but I must of scared him one day when I shut the garage door as he fell out of the nest. We put him back into the nest but he didn't survive.

Allie said...

Welcome back! I missed your posts while you were gone!! :) Poor birdies! Glad to hear Matthew's physio is going well. And yes, you definitely deserve a degree, I think all the CF parents out there do but especially you! :)

Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear about the poor birds. So sad!

Glad to hear that physio is moving along nicely. Hope the work on the hip helps!

Sara said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear about those little birds.

Good news about physio though.