Monday, July 13, 2009

Quiet Moments in the Garden

I had some quiet moments this weekend in the yard and thought I would try out the macro feature on the new camera. Here are some of the items that are growing in my yard.



Verbena with one I can't remember the name of

Pansies and that white flower

I usually don't care for Marigolds, but Ryan was drawn to them in the garden center so I got some just for him.

My Clematis is getting ready to bloom

And my garden!

onions and chives


And some new visitors to the yard. I think these are house finches but not sure as they seem to have a notched tail... anyone know for sure?

Today is rainy and cold. Great day for changing sheets and washing towels.


Sara said...

Such a lovely garden! Your flowers are beautiful. I have a few that my little guy chose too... so much more fun when the kids get involved in the process. Not sure about that little birdie, but it looks quite happy to be visiting your garden. :)

Sue said...

Beautiful!! What fun! I think one of my favorite photos is the second geranium -- the petals just unfolding, still tight in the center ... just beautiful, awesome creation in progress!

I was never a fan of marigolds either but I've come to appreciate them for many reasons. They're outrageously hardy, they bloom like crazy, they last far into the fall, and you can't beat the burst of color! Glad you sprinkled a few into the mix.

I miss having a veggie garden. Years ago, at our second parsonage/church house (when my husband was a pastor), we lived on several acres and built a gigantic raised bed. We grew (and ate) everything imaginable -- it was awesome! Our space is now limited, but we've got a killer crop of green beans (thanks to my dad), our tomatoes are finally perking up, and the green peppers are doing well. I have a few pots of herbs (just basil and oregano) but next year I'd like to find a small spot somewhere for a TRUE herb garden. I'm inspired!

Keep up the good work!

Always A Party..... said...

We have those same little birdies in our yard as well. I have been trying to figure old what they were for the last couple of years.

I don't like marigolds either but the kids always seem drawn to them for some reason.

Jaye @ said...

Beautiful photos - and I am LOVING that you grow your own cauliflower! Delicious!

Mama J. said...

Your garden looks lovely!

I love your cauliflower! The boys will enjoy eating that!

The bird is a pine grosbeak...a female, I think.