Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did I Miss It?

Those of you in Alberta will understand... did I miss summer?

Man, this weather is getting on my nerves! This morning it was sunny with beautiful blue skies, except for a strong wind. We were all out in the backyard shortly after breakfast even though it was still a bit cool. By lunchtime the clouds had come and without the sunshine, it was cool. It is raining and we have a tornado watch.

So, did I miss summer, or is it still coming?


Jenn M said...

Up and down year.

I'm hoping it will be miraculously nice tomorrow night since I don't want to be setting a tent up with two kids in the rain. Grr.

It has to come.

It is flippin cold today though..

Always A Party..... said...

All I can say is this weather SUCKS!!!

I wore a skirt and sleeveless shirt to work this morning as it was sunny and by lunch I was freezing and it was UGLY outside.

Jennifer said...

Brian says it must be right behind the tornado. Hmmmm didn't think we got those in Calgary. Kinda glad I am not there right now. Hope my house is still there when I get back.

neaseyl2 said...

Thats too bad. I am wishing you warm weather, sunny blue skies :)

Heather said...

Tornado watches are never fun. I do love stormy weather some though. I am sorry that you are not seeming to get any nice summer weather, but I'll trade you our 90 degree weather for chilly weather. Want to trade?
It is frustrating though to be dressed for the nice weather and then have it suddenly get cold while you are out.

Sue said...

Maybe you were somehow transported to New Jersey. :) Although I must say, FINALLY our weather is turning around and feeling as it should ... The silver lining in the rough beginning -- no air conditioning needed! Low energy bills! Fresh air! Woo-hoo!!