Thursday, July 16, 2009

Filthy By 9 am

Another sunny day and the boys have been in the sandbox since 8:30 am for a little early morning excavation.

Matthew has physio today. We have to leave at noon. Do you think they will need a bath before we go?

Boys and dirt.


neaseyl2 said...

I love it!!! So cute!! Nothing like having boys. Oh and the bond that brothers share is just beautiful. I am glad the sun has shown his rays and you are able to enjoy the summer time:)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics JoAnn, summer's been crazy, finally catching up! So a ? for ya, when Matthew is out digging in mother earth (which I LOVE) do you have him barefoot or wearing the AFO/sock/shoes? I can't tell from pix? I find myself not wanting to put on the stupid thing because it's summer and Levi would rather be barefoot in the backyard and I think it's good sensory for him to feel the grass, sand, rocks, water, you name it! Let me know your thoughts! Thx Jamie

Jo-Ann said...

Hey Jamie!

Yes, he is barefoot. Most likely NOT what he should be doing but sand works its way through socks and hurts in the AFO. And it just seems cruel not to let him get his toes in there. Sigh.

We are heading to physio in 30 min and on Monday to see his orthotist. His p/t feels that there is too much space in the AFO for his ankle and he is rolling a bit inside the AFO. Hoping to add something to it to tighten it up.

Dorsiflexion wise he is still doing well and the inside of his foot seems looser. But I see him walking on the outside of the foot again.

It never ends.

Hope your summer is going well!

Jaye @ said...

Aw FUN!! I love playing in the sand :) How did Matthew's appointment go?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we are on the same schedule. Levi had PT today as well. I see local orthotist next week, St. Louis said he was probably supinating the foot too much in the AFO and wants the orthotist to put some sort of wedge inside the AFO to not allow for that.

My local orthotist also told me that itty gritty sand can actually damage the AFO by scratching it up too much so she gave me the ok to let him be barefoot.

Plus, being an OT, I'm sort of a sensory nerd and let him be orthotic FREE in the backyard all the time. :) I don't think Dobbs would disagree either. Jamie

Heather said...

What would they need a bath for? hehe
I love the mountain of sand they've made. All the holes and the shape of it looks like they created a termite hill.
I don't think bare feet in the sandbox are a big deal. He needs some time to enjoy all the things boys love.