Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good News On The Foot Front

Matthew saw his regular p/t for the first time in three weeks. I was thrilled when she said his foot was loose. Yay! Some good news finally!

She said today was the first time she did not have to spend time rotating and stretching just to get his talus bone in place for the session.

His active dorsiflexion is also back to pulling straight up.

And, in the end, she complimented me on my stretching. Finally, I am doing it right!

She felt that the padding that his orthotist added has helped as well.

It is not all good news, he is still supinating and when he runs, his foot turns in, but to me, this is fantastic news.

And on to my foot.

I have some rather lovely hues of purple, red and green coming out on the outside of my foot.

And even on the inside.

I saw my chiropractor today. He said my hobbling around really messed up my back. I have been really sore in the mornings. He told me to walk as normally as I can. Ok, will try. But I have to say, as I sit here and type with my foot on a chair and pillow... ouch.


Jennifer said...


Your foot looks aweful, but it looks too like it is healing as the colours change.

Sue said...

Absolutely fantastic news about Matthew!! I bet you feel like you're having a party in your heart, right? I love those moments of success.

Ugh ... your foot looks terrible!!! I had to laugh at the command to try to walk as "normally" as you can. Yeah ... good luck with that. :)

Feel better soon!!

neaseyl2 said...

Great news on Matthew. I hope that it is only the beginning of great news for you both!!! And your foot.....ouch!!! I hope that it heals soon for you

Jaye @ canadian-mom.ca said...

Yay for Matthew and Aww for you!! I hope you're feeling better soon!!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Poor thing! Chasing after 2 little boys with a foot that looks like it REALLY super hurts :(. Hope it heals soon.

As for the most important foot of all...GREAT JOB! Yay, glad to hear you're getting congrats for the work you're doing from the foot pros :).