Monday, August 10, 2009

Tears at Wal-Mart

We had a busy day today. We just found out that the boys will be in my SIL's wedding party on Saturday. That gave me eight days to find dress pants, dress shirts, shoes and schedule haircuts. A bit of a time crunch. Managed to spend my Saturday at the mall getting pants and shirts.

So, this morning, after haircuts, we went off to Wal-Mart to see if we could get a pair of shoes fancier then runners that wouldn't hurt the pocket book as they will only wear them once. Lucked out, found two pair of black fancy shoes that fit. Then the boys asked if they could get some running shoes for school. I was feeling like I could take on the world so I agreed. Hey, may even save me a trip!

Ryan quickly found some Spiderman shoes in his size and went to work on trying them on.

Matthew quickly found some Chaotic shoes that came with trading cards. (He is in to trading cards these days). Unfortunately, they seemed to be too small for his brace. Tried on the next two sizes up. Too big for his unbraced foot. I said maybe we should try a different shoe, this kind was too narrow for the brace.

Then the tears started.

"Mommy! Why can all my friends get these kind and I can't?"

He crawled into my lap and cried and cried.

I was silently asking too, why does everything have to be hard for this kid? Why does he have to have so many life lessons like life is not fair at such an early age.

I told him when he settled down we would try the shoes again and Mommy would work really really hard at jamming his brace in it. His eyes looked at me so sad when he said "But how can I do that myself at school?" I told him that perhaps his teacher can help out.

We tried again, with all the strength I could muster, we managed to get that shoe on. Matthew beamed.

Another life lesson learned by me. If the shoe doesn't fit, shove it even harder.

So the boys are now outfitted for the wedding minus black socks...which I forgot about.

Here are my handsome boys. Matthew looks rather shell shocked.

Yes, they have 'faux hawks' just for fun today.

And Ryan striking a pose... watch out girls!

Oh, and that is my dress hanging just behind Ryan. I think our colors will all work.

The boys are now outside playing in the sandbox, content as can be. Crisis averted yet again, Chaotic and Spiderman shoes ready for school in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Just the other day I ordered Levi the exact same New Balance shoe in a new size plus the next 2 sizes bigger, because it's the ONLY shoe that I can find to fit over the brace and they are discontinuing it! UGH! And I thought, what's going to happen when he starts communicating that the doesn't like the looks of that shoe! I guess I will just shove harder and try to make it work. :) Jamie

Jennifer said...

Poor kid. I really hope the day comes when something great comes to him without him even trying. He deserves it for sure!
They look very handsome.

Jesslikesstuff said...

That was some good mommy-ing. You didn't give up and you made him happy! Way to go :).

They're gonna look SO cute in the wedding...but why such short notice?!

Sue said...

My heart broke when I read about the oh-so-familiar tears ... It IS hard, and he's had a tougher path than many. I'm so glad you were able to make it work!

I love seeing little kids all dressed up in their half-frumpy way. :) Hope you have a fun weekend!

Jaye @ said...

Oh I'm glad it fit! I love that motto - just shove it even harder :) lol
How come this was a last minute idea to have the boys in the wedding? A little bit more notice might have been nice. Glad it's all sorted out though!