Friday, August 7, 2009

Sometimes, Your Camera Catching Fire Is a Good Thing

I am loving my new camera (thanks to my old one catching fire). It is nothing special, just a simple point and shoot, but it does have a lot more Mega Pixels and some neat features. And I am having fun with it.

Anyways, just some shots from this morning.

Baby enjoying the sun




Sara said...

Those are great photos Jo-Ann. Especially love the dragon-fly.

I have a point and shoot too. I don't know if I have the patience for anything more... but maybe one day.

Jennifer said...

Great photos! Love a new toy, even the simple ones. They are so much better now.

Always A Party..... said...

I agree those are great photos. I love the raindrops on the leaves.

Cameras are great little toys. I finally figured out how to take night time pictures in Toronto.

Jenn M said...

Very neat. Great photos!!

Jaye @ said...

Nice photos! Are you sure you didn't set it on fire just to get this new one? hehe ;)