Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sorry there are no photos, my camera was on fire

Alright. That must sound like the worst excuse ever, right up there with the dog ate my homework.

I took the boys out today for a bike ride. As of yesterday morning, both boys were still with training wheels. I took Matthew to the park yesterday, took of the training wheels, sent him down a small grassy hill and voila! I have a 2 wheeler rider! He still has trouble if he is leaning to the left. His left foot is not strong enough to balance a fall. But he is learning to fall to his right. The training wheels will never go back on that bike again.

Ryan really really wanted to try today so we went to the park, took off his training wheels, sent him down a grassy hill and voila! I have another without training wheels! He is still very wobbly and when riding on the path can only go about 50-60 feet before riding into the grass and jumping off. But it won't be long. Give it a few days.

Matthew was so proud of his brother he cheered, clapped and gave him a high five. So sweet!

So I took video with my camera of both boys. Planned to send it to Grandma and Grandpa when I smelled that horrid electric fire smell and noticed smoke coming from my camera! I popped open the battery compartment and dropped the batteries. One was melted and the contact inside the camera doesn't look good.

So the memory stick should be safe, but I have no other way to use it at the moment. Ok, that is a lie. I am sure my computer could do it some how and I KNOW my printer has a memory stick port, but I am not sure how to do it.

Maybe I will attempt new batteries in my camera tomorrow. Will have to share the video soon!

Yay to my bike riders!


Jenn M said...

Very cool. :)

Jennifer said...

Good job guys!

Sue said...

My gosh, that's crazy!! Hope your camera is OK.

Tonight Aidan gets his bike -- and if you read my recent blog post, you already know that the surprise is BLOWN!!! I'm sooooo disappointed, with myself (for being an idiot and leaving a brightly colored hunk of Hot Wheels wrapping paper on top of the box, which is what drew his eye in the first place) and for the blown surprise. UGH!

Another blessing of Don's unemployment -- he can be the one to take out the boy and the bike for some good bonding time! Although I think Aidan would have a stroke if we sent him down a hill like that. :) What a great accomplishment for your boy -- he's been doing so great, on so many levels. Hope the rest of the summer continues in the same manner!

Mama J. said...

Wow...I had no idea that could even happen...YIKES!

Hope you can save your camera!

VERY exciting about Ryan...that is quite a milestone!

Heather said...

WAHOO on the bike riding. That's awesome and I'm glad you got video even if you can't get to it right now.
I opened up my laptop one day and found the keyboard melted. That was freaky, but I never even thought about my camera doing that.
That sucks, but I'm sure the memory stick is okay.
Usually if you just put the memory stick in then a screen will pop up in a minute or so on your computer just like the "my documents" file, but be a folder of your pictures. Give it a try and you can copy them over to your computer.