Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When's The Baby Shower?

For almost an hour this morning, this is what we saw out the back door.

Then, of course we saw some of this.

Then, when the boys went upstairs to get dressed and brush their teeth, I noticed the robin leave the nest and head to the neighbors yard. I peeked at our yard. No robin. So I took a chance. Carefully, opened the door a few inches, stood on a chair and reached out with the camera (maybe 8 inches from the door) and snapped a quick picture.

Don't worry, she was back on the nest a few minutes later and is again there now. I am not going to push my luck for another photo although I am dying to find out how many eggs there are.

No BBQ for us tonight, I will be cooking the chops in the oven.


Mama J. said...

They are back?? Aww... they know you love them...:)

So happy they decided to stay.

Jennifer said...

How wonderful! This will so amazing to see.

Heather said...

Oh how beautiful! It will be so cute when you have little chirping babies out there.