Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy in the Backyard

What a busy weekend in the yard. I am completely exhausted and very proud of what I accomplished. My husband helped only in transferring of some blocks. I did the rest myself.

This is what the back of our deck looked like Thursday afternoon with the garden hose marking my intentions.

After a lot of work which included carrying 60 bricks, 14 lbs apiece from the store to the truck to the backyard, this is what it looks like now.

A little bit of child labor never hurt anyone.

The finished wall.

Of course it really isn't finished. I still need to add the edging to the back, more soil and then plant my sweet peas that have been patiently waiting in their little plastic boxes on the patio. But then, when is a yard truly finished?

By the way, I wasn't the only Mommy who was busy this weekend.


Jennifer said...

Looks great Jo-Ann!! Great job.
Looks like the mama is happy there. :o)

Sara said...

That looks amazing Jo-Ann... good for you. And I am thrilled to see those little eggs. Babies soon!

neaseyl2 said...

It looks really nice:)

Angela said...

What a great job! I can't wait until you get some little robins chirping around.

Mama J. said...

Wow...that looks great!

Are you planning to plant something climby there?

4 eggs... How exciting!

Heather said...

That looks beautiful. I love to look at landscaping and see it all pretty with plants and gardens and flowers, but I hate to do it. I like to be dirty and such, but not to actually have to weed. Luckily my dad likes to come and work on our flower beds and our neighbors have a beautiful stone bed similar to yours filled with beautiful colors.
The kids look like they were having fun. They don't know it work at that age. Playing with rocks and dirt is just fun.
Your robin has been busy. It will be so sweet when they are born.

Always A Party..... said...

What a great job you did Jo-Ann. Doesn't feel great to know that you did it yourself?

I LOVE the colour of the little eggs. Can't wait to see pictures of the wee little ones when they hatch.

Jing said...

Really great photos! Great job guys! Hey Mom, in case you have a great and cool business ideas I'd say just give it a try.

Jenn M said...

Very purdy..

Sue said...

I love to see gardening in action! Great job! Hope the NJ slugs don't travel up your way ... :)