Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back to Physio

Matthew was back at p/t on Wednesday. Gosh, I really hate p/t and I am not even the one receiving it. He hates it because it hurts and he has to take time from fun stuff to do it. And he has to continue to do it for quite some time. Hard to make a 6 yr old understand the benefits. Impossible to tell him to suck it up.

Anyways. His p/t was impressed with the shape and mobility of his foot. She measured him before she started stretching and she was able to get him to 10 degrees past neutral, possibly even 15. Yay! That is awesome! Sad news is she did have to push to get him there... but a few short months ago he could barely be stretched to neutral.

I got a few other things to try at home to add to our day. Yay. Sorry, not too thrilled about it. It means more pushing him to do more of what he hates. Generally sets up negativity and anger between the two of us. I need to work on that.

We discussed the prescription I was given for the p/t. Turns out that it doesn't matter, there is no Alberta healthcare funding for children unless they are post-op...which we were so thrilled he was able to avoid. She is looking into it to see if there is ANYTHING for post serial casting, but highly doubtful. So we are back to paying out of pocket. Craig has some funds through work, but we have almost finished Matthew's allotted amount already. Not much else we can do. He needs it so we will need to pay for it.

If we can do enough at home, Matthew can see her once a week for awhile. Crossing my fingers I can step up to the plate on that one.


Heather said...

Sorry that Matthew has to be pushed and that there's no real way to make him understand how hurting can really be a good thing. Bless you both.

I know nothing about Canada, but do you have anything like a federal disability program? In the U.S. you can file for Social Security Disability for your child to receive money needed for physical, occupational, etc. therapy for different disabilities. Hopefully there is some program in Canada that can get some help for the cost.

VeganCowGirl said...

Hi Jo Ann. Just found your blog. I am a Canadian mom to be living in Brussels (38 +3) and reading your son's and YOUR journey has given me some insight into what it will be like to be a mom - the way you fight for him, the way you love him, the way you would obviously do anything for him.
Thanks for sharing and my heart and thoughts are with Matthew and your family. Be well.

Jennifer said...

{hugs} friend. You are a strong mom.