Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday was dreaded physio day. Matthew really does hate it and how can I blame him. Someone takes his tender foot and stretches it to where it really hurts, then holds it in that position over and over and over again for the better part of 30 min. Then, said person has him do exercises on sore foot.

And apparently I need to work harder on my stretching position to include his calcaneus (heel bone). I need to make sure it is being moved outward as his front foot is turned out and the foot is stretched upwards. Feeling like a degree in p/t would help me out greatly.


The good side of it all is that she was able to get him into what looked to me like 20 degrees about neutral. I could be wrong, but even she was pleased with it. And, to Matthew's horror, she held it in that position for 30 sec numerous times.

Maybe it was the Advil I gave him an hour before, maybe it is finally loosing up. Either way, we will keep at it at home and with sessions. Hopefully we will be raising it to twice a week as soon as the funds filter through in a few weeks.

She was very impressed with his gait this week. She could not believe the difference in a week. When walking, you hardly notice a gait difference. When running, he has stopped his 'Terry Fox Hop' as we call it and his gait looks fairly normal. However, on the gym floor you could hear that he is still favoring it. Gotta love the sound of a gym floor. No hiding gait discrepancies there.

By the way, I looked into taking Physiotherapy for myself. It is 25 month, course based Masters degree after you have a B.SC., which I have. Problem is the closest post secondary school to offer this is 3 hours away.

Still thinking about this one...

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Heather said...

I'm so sorry that he has to deal with 30minutes of what to him must be awful. I hope it loosens up well for him and each session gets a bit better.
Getting a degree in physio sounds great, but the far away school is the reason I never got my masters either.