Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Days I Feel Like A Cat

Do you ever get that feeling that things are careening out of control and you are going to fall only at the last minute you flip and land on your feet? Today is one of those days.

I found out last week that our insurance for p/t was running out fast so I was looking into if he had any left for his mild to moderate funding through school. I got a call on Friday to say that Matthew still had $2400 left. What? And that p/t had not submitted any receipts. What?

Fumble. Some one dropped the ball.

So I called his p/t and left a message saying there was a lot of funding left over, but that we could only access it until the end June. I stewed about it all weekend.

Started the phone calls fresh this morning. Looking to see if they would let us use the funding for the next few weeks off-site (not at the school). After chatting with the women who deals out the funds, she felt so bad she said they would allow for him to not only access the funding off site but if his p/t was willing, to write these were make up sessions, we could continue to use the funds through out the summer. AND if we submit our receipts they will reimburse us.

It feels good to have my feet under me again.


Jennifer said...


Heather said...

Thank goodness you got someone willing to help. It's a good thing you found this out now and not 3 weeks from now.

Sue said...

That is great! I know how concerned you were last week.

Sara said...

Good news. :)