Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thanks For The Memories

Last night, I had to go out our backdoor to start our BBQ. I spooked the poor Robin who was sitting on the nest. While we ate dinner, we saw her sitting on one of the trees in the back yard, surveying, deciding.

At bedtime last night, there was no sign of our newest neighbors. Likewise this morning. I think they have decided that being inches from our backdoor was not the best real estate in town and have moved on. I checked the nest and there were no eggs thank goodness. I would have felt really bad had there been.

Even though they were only there for the day, it made a huge impact on the boys. This morning they played baby bird, first being eggs

Then slowly hatching

And peeping

I am saddened that they were not able to stay, hopeful they will find a better place, and thankful for the brief encounter that impacted us all in such a wonderful way.


Jennifer said...

Your boys are so cute Jo-Ann!

Heather said...

Seeing them play baby bird is incredibly precious. What a wonderful thing to watch.

Mama J. said...

Your boys are so cute...:)

Sorry they didn't stick around... but it is nice you let them decide for themselves.

Always A Party..... said...

We have a little Robin family in our garage again this year. It is very exciting to see the eggs hatch and watch the little ones grow and fly away.

Your boys look so cute hatching from their eggs.

Sara said...

I am glad you had your 'new neighbours' to enjoy, if only for a little while. Your boys, as always, are adorable!