Friday, June 19, 2009

I Need A New Camera

Sadly, my old camera has been laid to rest. There is no hope in fixing it. If you didn't read my last post, it caught on fire a few days ago while I was using it. Inside the battery compartment there is evidence of the damage. Also, one of the rechargeable batteries also has the tell tale signs of the fire. We tried new batteries with no luck. The camera has shorted out/fried/burnt use whatever term you wish. Not sure if the battery shorted the camera, or the camera shorted and burnt the battery. The proverbial which came first discussion, but really, it doesn't matter. The outcome is still the same, I need a new camera.

And I need it now.

Why the urgency? I would love to say because I need to capture every moment of my boys for prosperity, but no. I have some potentially bad news.

I first saw it Tuesday. Then again Wednesday. I mentioned it to Matthew's p/t Wednesday afternoon. She didn't catch it at first but after I pointed it out she saw it too.

Matthew's left foot is in toeing when he walks. Not when he runs. At least not yet. But it is there when he walks. And his active dorsiflexion is no longer straight up. It pulls slightly to the side, again.

His p/t was unsure if his foot is turning, or his leg is turning in. I said, true, but does that really matter? Even if it is just his leg, it will stretch the outside of his foot and tighten the inside. Opposite of what we want. She agreed.

She suggested a twister type device to wear with his brace that wraps around the leg and pulls the foot outwards for daytime and night time. I just said no. Not yet. Poor kid, my heart breaks at the thought of him wearing more stuff on his foot/leg this summer.

I thought about getting a night time stretcher, but not sure if that would hold his foot from turning in or just keep the dorsiflexion, which by the way we are maintaining AND increasing weekly.

So, I need a camera. I need to take photos and video and send it to Dr. Dobbs. Get his professional opinion.

So off I go this afternoon to buy a camera. No searching around for the right one, the fun one, the one that has the funky bells and whistles, I just need one. Now.


Sue said...

Oh, these stubborn little feet! Yes, take pictures and send them to Dr. Dobbs. I'd like to see them too -- Grace has a bit of that going on with her right foot, but it's from the MA and, from what we can tell, isn't really affecting her "clubfoot" per se. In other words, her foot is flat on the ground (rather than standing on the side) -- it's just that her big toe points inward toward 11:00. It's just the forefoot that seems to be affected.

So what do you mean when you say "in-toeing?" I know definitions can be used in various ways. Is it a forefoot thing, like Grace (with MA) -- but maybe it's more than that, since you seem concerned that it could potentially tighten up the foot entirely. Oh, poor kid ... don't you have days where you feel like screaming, wishing it was all over and done with?!

Boy, do I get this ... hang in there! Cry a bit if you have to -- I do from time to time. :) Keep us posted -- I'm really curious about these other "extra" methods that you've mentioned. Take care!

Jennifer said...

Oh no! Hope this isn't to big a set back.

Go to Costco... they carry Canon point and shoots at a decent price.

Jo-Ann said...

Oh Sue, yes. I do wish it was all over. Unfortunately, I think with the nerve damage we will never really be there. And, yes, screaming does come to mind.

By in-toeing, I mean like pigeon toed. Because it is so subtle right now, it is hard to tell if it is from the fore foot, or from the knee.

I will post pics and video when I have it. Will be happy with any thoughts you or any of my club foot mommies may have.

Jo-Ann said...

Jennifer, we think alike. lol

We are heading to Costco when Craig gets home. I have two Canon's picked out. The Powershot as well as a little point and shoot one. I am leaning towards the Powershot as that is what I did have and I did like it except for the starting on fire part of it.

Always A Party..... said...

Oh, I'm sorry Jo-anne. It must be a little frustrating with all that you have gone through already.

On a litte note it much be exciting to get a new camera! I have a Canon Rebel SLR and LOVE it.

Downhillnut said...

Did you get the Powershot? If you did, does your old memory stick work in it?

Nice to meet you on Wednesday, Jo-Ann. Hang in there with the challenges - overcome them one step, one fire, grassy hill at a time.

Lou Ellen said...

Oh, I hope this is not going to be a problem for him. As much as we love Dr. Dobbs, when the time comes, we will still be happy to not have to see him again. I will say a prayer for your son.

Also, a fire??? in your camera??? You should check to see if the manufacturer won't cover that. I understand that you need a new one right away, but maybe they will repair or replace the other one. I'd check it out. You could surely use an extra!

Delilah just received her AFO yesterday. Boy, oh boy, that sucker stinks!!! Have you ever had that problem? We let her take it off in the van tonight and I had to keep the window down all the way home!!! It is horrid! David said if it stinks, then just wipe it down with alcohol -- but this smell was beyond stinking!!! LOL

Heather said...

Did you get a new camera?
Have you gotten any pictures or video?

Mama J. said...

Aww...that is frustrating! I hope it turns out to be something simple...((HUGS))

On the camera front, I agree with Jennifer. We got our Cannon at Costco and it is the best point and shoot we've ever was under $300.