Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do You See What I See?

I finally got the video running on my camera and then got Matthew to agree to walk for the video. The result is rather crappy as he didn't want to do it (we had just come home from p/t) and the quality seems poor when I uploaded to You Tube. Am going to see if it is any better on here.

So, I ask the question. Do you see what I see? When he walks back towards the camera, even in his AFO he takes a few steps on the outside of his foot with his toes inward. He was conscience of the video and was trying not to. Clubfoot mommies... honest opinions please. Regression?

I am sending an email to Dr. Dobbs anyways. Just see what he thinks. If there is any other p/t we can be or should be doing.

Btw, his p/t said we are achieving 10-12 degrees dorsiflexion with knee bent, 5-7 degrees dorsiflexion with straight knee. We are gaining grounds there.

And, another video because I absolutely can not resist sharing this one!

Doesn't this just make you go AWWWWWWWW and toss in a worm or some regurgitated bugs?


Sue said...

I think I watched this about 6 times. :) Can you take a video of him walking without the AFO? Even so ... I hate to say it, but I did notice it -- a little bit as he was walking away, but more so when he was walking toward you. Grace did the same thing last summer (minus the AFO). But if you had him barefoot, would you get a clearer video of what he's doing? You could tell he was humoring you, that's for sure. :)

Take a moment and trace your finger down the back of his leg, to his heel and tendon (he has to stand straight/flat-footed). Does it begin to turn in once you get to the heel? That's what Grace's did -- my finger would trace a straight line down the back of her calf and toward the top of her tendon/heel, but then all of a sudden it would curve inward. And then her whole foot then curved, causing her to walk on the outside of her foot. Check to see if Matthew's does that or not. That's one indicator of something going on.

Hang in there -- just wait to see what Dr. Dobbs says. Be strong!!

Mama J. said...

Since I have no idea specifically about clubfoot, I won't comment on Matthew's gait except to say that I hope it is nothing...((HUG)).

The birds are SO sweet...:) Are you going to keep the eggshells? The boys must be so excited!