Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green...Or Purple

Look at what I managed to do to my ankle.

It is finally starting to feel better and taking some weight. Wish I had a fun story to along with it, but no. Just slipped on some gravel and rolled it.

Matthew sees his regular p/t tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing what she thinks of his foot after being gone for three weeks. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but tonight's stretching felt pretty good. And when he actively dorsiflexes, it pulls straight up again.

Hoping for good news.


Angela said...

Ouch!!! I have seriously sprained my ankles many times, in fact the last time I actually chiped of a bit of bone! Take care, and I hope it heals fast.

Mom and Rox said...

All I can say is Ow! Take it easy with the gravel, would ya. ;) Hope it feels and looks better soon. Didn't break anything did you?

Sara said...

Oh Jo-Ann... you should make up a better story. Like you were rock climbing and just as you reached the top you slipped down and twisted your ankle. But you continue through the pain and made it to the top using only one foot.

Seriously, hope you feel better and your ankle heals quickly. xx

Hope Matthew's appointment goes well too.

Jaye @ said...

Holy Moly! That doesn't look very good. I hope it heals quickly!
I hope Matthew's appointment brings upon some much-needed good news! :)

Jennifer said...

Darn Gravel!
Hope Matthew's appointment goes well.

Oh, and let me know if you want help with your banner. ;o)

Mama J. said...

I just saw the picture of a bruised foot and thought "OMGosh...I haven't been gone that long...WTH happened Matthew's foot??!".

I agree with your chiro. Compensating for an injured body part can cause more problems than good.

Hooray for Matthew and get well soon to you!

Jenn M said...

Ouch. I hope it feels better soon.

But I agree with Sara, you were hiking along the Himalaya's or something. Much cooler story.