Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missing The Backyard

It has been raining and cold all week. Cold enough that I had to turn the furnace on. Horrid summer weather.

The boys have been dealing with it well so far. They get little house play time in summer because we are always outside. So they have been making forts, hotwheels race tracks and crafting.

That said, they are missing their yard. They keep trying to play out there, but it is just too cold and wet to dig in the sand box and the playhouse windows still need Plexiglas to make it hospitable for cooler days. My husband has been building it. Very proud of him! The shingles are going on this weekend if the rain stops.

My poor garden is also missing the heat. Not sure what will happen if we don't get some soon. We have had some lovely radishes so far. I even planted a second crop. Just not sure how they are fairing in this.

My tomatoes last week were really starting.

Strawberries still producing

And finally my clematis has bloomed. So happy, it has hit about 10-11 feet this year.

One thing we have continued with the crappy weather is our bird watching. Our backyard seems to have so many birds this year.

Of course the ever abundant sparrows.

House Finches


And our latest find yesterday...Cedar Waxwings!

The forecast is calling for sunshine on Saturday. It won't be hot, but hopefully it will be dry. Crossing my fingers.


Jenn M said...

Yeah Calgary this year blows. I have heard that next year will be the hottest on record.

Very neat all the birds.

It has been a great year for strawberries and tomatoes.

Jennifer said...

It is always like this.... either too much rain or too much heat. I wonder if Calgary will ever get the ratio right. We do need the rain, at least it is a good soaking rain and not a destroy all downpour.
Hope Sat. warms us up a bit!

neaseyl2 said...

Here in Montana we have sunny skies today:) I wish i could grab some for you, put it in a envelope and send it your way to brighten your day, and allow your boys some outside play time. Wishing you sunshine and blue skies to come.

Jaye @ said...

Crappy :( I've been staring at my tomatoes to grow - I've had super crazy cravings for them. But to no avail.
The sun's out right now, but "it's" calling for rain tonight. Big surprise.

Always A Party..... said...

Great pictures Joanne.

I am trying to get to my veggie garden as well to weed but it is just to muddy.

Sue said...

What an awesome playhouse! My kids would be jealous if they saw that -- very cool!

And I just love the photo of the Waxwing -- beautiful! We don't get those around here, so that was a treat to see. I lost interest in my bird feeder, for ALL we get are sparrows. And an occasional nasty blue jay. When we lived in Pennsylvania we got all kinds of fascinating birds ... here in New Jersey? Brown, blah sparrows and finches.

I ran across something VERY strange with my strawberries. Never had them before -- my friend gave me her pot before she moved a few months ago. Covered in green fruit, so excited ... but once they turned a bit red, "something" was eating them. ALL of them. Then I saw the culprit -- a wasp! How weird is that? I've never seen a wasp EAT something before.

Hope your weather clears up -- not to make you seethe, but this morning I went for a quick walk and it felt more like late September than mid-August! In a good way -- bright, sunny, cool ... just beautiful. Not only are we book-ending this continent, but also the summer -- we started out the summer cold and soggy, and you're finishing it up! :)

Sara said...

Sun is shining today, so let's hope it sticks around. My garden needs some sunshine.