Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can't Have One Without The Other

So many things seem to go hand in hand.

This past week for me it is frustration and guilt. I was going to make a long whiny post about it, but most of the frustration has been left in the bathrooms and toilets I scrubbed today. I do find cleaning a wonderful outlet for my bad feelings. Although, with the way my house looks most times, you would think I was never frustrated.

Another strange pair I find with my kids is horror and pride. Let me explain.

Matthew was drawing a picture on the plane returning from St. Louis in the spring. He was drawing a picture of himself and singing away. I was very proud of him. Working hard, quietly, happily.

He added the anatomical features. Not so bad I suppose.

Then he added the horrifying part. He added relieving himself. I kept hoping that the steward would not walk by and ask to see his drawing again. Or to explain what it was.

Then he drew a thought bubble that said "Ahhhhhhhh". I had no idea that he even knew what a thought bubble was. And, I was oddly proud again.

Seems I can't have one without the other.


Jennifer said...

hehe...... awe you have some great stories to share with your boys when they are older!

Amber said...

LOL This made me laugh out loud!

I, too, clean very effectively when I am processing strong feelings. :) Sometimes I wonder if DH does stuff to make me mad just so I'll clean something. LOL