Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soemthing Magical

I know. I posted that Matthew's appointment with his old p/t (L) did not go well last week. I was concerned that his new p/t (S) was not getting the right stretching, not getting the time in (he does 30 min as opposed to 60 min) that he has never worked with kids and may not have the experience needed. I was worried that we were going to have to try and fit in trips across town over the dinner hour back to L for physio.

Matthew saw S again yesterday. I told him L's thoughts on Matthew's foot. That is didn't seem any looser then when she saw him last (pre-cast) but that she thought his talus was moving better. I showed him the new stretches (mobilizing the talus) she wanted me to do. S said I was doing them right, good, they are harder then ones I have been doing.

After stretching for about 15 min, S said he thought that Matthew's foot wasn't too bad. He compared it to someone with a bad ankle injury. He felt that he wasn't missing that much dorsiflexion. He believes that what we are doing will keep him away from surgery.

He opened up about what he went through. He said was born with severe in-toeing. Said that the doctors told his parents that they would cut the bones of his lower legs, turn the legs out, then reattach them. He was old enough to understand what was said and was terrified. His parents said no way. They sought other ways to fix the problem. They found physio and they found sport. In particular, skiing and skating. Forces the feet to be parallel. He asked if Matthew had ski boots.

I looked out the window. From there, you can see Canada Olympic Park. The night lights had just come on and the snow was sparkling. It is open and they have started lessons. I told him that for the past few years, Matthew's foot has either been operated on, casted or so messed up he has not had the opportunity to try skiing. But this year, we had been talking about it.

S smiled and said "get him in."

There is something about S that just feels right. Maybe it is hope. Maybe it is his positive attitude. Maybe it is the special relationship that is forming. He is young and Matthew thinks he is cool. And he really cares about Matthew. You can just see it. I think he sees himself in Matthew. Perhaps this was the reason he became a p/t in the first place. To help one person like he was helped. And here is Matthew. With a foot that the doctors here want to operate on, and his expertise and experience to stop it.

Some days, it just feels magical. I have no other words to explain it.

This morning, reading the paper, I saw an article about getting the family out in the winter. Talking about skiing. The article talked about how to save money and still ski with your family. Seems that Sunshine Village has some special passes. A child born in 2002 (Matthew) can get a season's pass for $25 (one day lift pass is $27) and a child 5 yrs and under (Ryan) can get a season's pass for $25.

I called Canada Olympic Park. I can have both boys in lessons as soon as this Saturday.

Do you feel the magic?


Allie said...

Oh yay! You gave me chills! So glad you have that good feeling back! I'm sure the boys will have a blast learning to ski!

Jennifer said...

That's wonderful! How lucky we are to have COP right here in town! Hope they love it and it does wonders for Matthew.

Anonymous said...

My whole family is huge into skiing and snowboarding. When we first learned about Levi I immediately wondered if he'd ever be able to do it because it's such tradition with us. My hubby thought that ski boots would at least hold his foot well, like an AFO. I'm so happy to hear you physio thinks so too. I feel the magic...and you can't beat those prices. My oldest, who is Matthew's age, took ski lessons last year and loved it. I'm sure Matthew will too. :) Jamie

Jesslikesstuff said...

Hi! Sorry I haven't been around on your blog much, it's been insane around here, I can't keep up!!!

I'm very happy that this is the first blog back for me though. What a great blog and what happy news!!!

I hope things keep looking up with S and that the kids loooove skiing. Of course they will! Little boys and snow...can't go wrong :)!!

Jenn M said...

That is awesome!

Sue said...

HOPE is a powerful word, and an even more powerful gift. And as a fellow sojourner on this clubfoot journey, HOPE is something that sometimes seems elusive ... yet when it comes, it's wrapped in gold. What an amazing story ... and you're in the perfect place for it! I can't wait to see how this chapter unfolds.

The other day, a friend came over with her little boy, whom I was going to watch for a few hours that morning while she went to a doctor's appointment. Grace was still in her brace, and my friend blurted out, "You're going to be a great snowboarder some day!" I laughed, but hey! You never know. What great therapy though, huh? Too bad we're not a skiing family. I tried a few times when I was in high school and kind of liked it/kind of could easily live without it. My husband? Forget it -- one try was enough. :) And yet, who knows ... it might be great for Grace.

Hang on to that HOPE, my friend! Sounds like you're exactly where you need to be, in the hands of someone who truly gets it.