Friday, November 6, 2009

The Latest Toy

Matthew's favorite new toy is...words.

I can't believe it. The kid has fallen in love with reading and more so, writing stories. Now, instead of telling me something, he writes it. I am not a huge proponent of whole language, but hoping that my work on phonics will counter it.

This was his latest this morning. He has a crush on a little girl in his class. So cute!

For those who can't read it, it says I see Alice shes going to kiss me today we are going to married

Teeheeheee! I love the big kiss lips and his freakishly long arm. This one is going in the 'keep for when he gets married' box!


Allie said...


Mrs. Bird said...

Wonderful! I love that age :)

Jennifer said...

Very Sweet Jo-Ann!

Sue said...

Priceless!! Oh, what a keeper ...

And need I say it?

Foster this love of words!