Thursday, January 14, 2010



I keep saying that to myself these days.

Someday Matthew will be done with casting.
Someday Matthew will be pain free.
Someday Matthew will be done with physio.
Someday Matthew will be able to buy regular shoes.
Someday Matthew will be able to play all sports without struggling with footwear.

Someday. But not right now.

Last night, I was stretching Matthew's foot. He sucked in his breath and said "Good one Mommy!"

I asked him what made a stretch a good one.

His reply, "You made it hurt like Steve does."

Someday Matthew won't cringe when I ask for his little foot to stretch.
Someday I won't have to hurt him for his own good.

Someday. But not right now.


Sue said...

Oh, wow ... this one hit me right in the heart. So many "somedays" ... and you know them to be absolutely true. But for now it's all about "THIS day" and what you have to do to get through.

What a great little guy -- I don't even know him, yet feel as if I do. Hang in there -- each day is literally one step closer. Soon it will be here ... and you all won't know what to do with yourselves! :)

Sara said...

Someday it will all be true. You are both working so hard for it. Just hang in there.

But never forget about your NOW. :)


Sympathypains said...

He seems to have such a good spirit...

Mama J. said...

You are an amazing Mom, Jo-Ann.

Someday Matthew will understand about all of this... but for now, hold him close and take comfort in the beautiful person he is becoming.

LittleBlueFuzzy said...

as always, your story leaves me with tears in my eyes.

you are such an inspiration, Jo-Ann.

Love you

Michelle said...

Just a quick question - when you get a minute, would you be able to let me know what type of stretching you do for your son? My son screams the entire time I stretch, so I wonder if maybe I'm doing something wrong or if there is something that may work better. Thanks!