Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paranoia Setting In

A few weeks ago, the strap on Matthew's brace broke, again. Luckily, this time, the orthotist in St. Louis gave us an extra strap just in case. I got it out and put it on.

About an hour later, Matthew went to put on his brace. I, being a lefty, put the strap on the wrong side. Instead of doing up on the inside of the ankle, it now does up on the outside. And after being on for an hour, I worried if I removed it, it would not stick. I had a moment of panic. What if the strap pulls his foot in instead of stretching it out! I looked and analyzed and decided because it crosses over under the foot, it shouldn't matter which way other then ease of putting it on.

So I left it...but asked Steve the next day when we saw him. He agreed with me.

So, here we are, a few weeks later and paranoia is setting in. I think his foot is getting tight again. And, I am noticing extra bumps again. Just like last year when his talus bone started sticking out. The bumps are small but in the same location.

I told Steve that I thought his foot was tighter. And then I asked about the lumps and bumps. He was quiet, manipulating Matthew's foot. Then, he turned to me and said "now you have me paranoid!" After a few minutes, he said he didn't think it was the talus. That it felt too high up. And that he felt Matthew's foot was still loose, but that he was fighting the stretching harder then usual.

I am not so sure. We've been down this road too many times to dismiss this so easily. Now I am worried that I messed up the strap. I am also worried that we won't be able to see Dr. Dobbs himself. I am starting to feel we are heading back to square one.


By the way, I called Kristina's direct line and left her a voice mail. Hopefully she can contact me and let me know what is up.


Mrs. Bird said...

I'm sorry :( Worrying is so hard, but I understand why you are concerned. I hope you get some answers soon!

Angela said...

Hugs! I really hope you get some answers soon, worrying is so stressful and time consuming.

Jennifer said...

{hugs} Sending you love and positive thoughts.