Thursday, March 5, 2009

Extra lumps and bumps

As promised, here are some photos of Matthew's extra 'ankles'. They do flatten out a bit when his foot is straighter, but in this position they are rather noticeable and rather hard. They are not callouses. If any one has any experience or idea, I'd love to hear it.

This picture you can see the two bumps. This was taken about an hour after he had removed his AFO. They don't seem to be where his AFO rubs.

Another view. You can see the bump closest to his ankle is big enough to be another ankle and the second one is still little. I suppose that means it is just forming?

And lastly, here is a video of Matthew walking up the stairs without his AFO. He knew I was taping him so he tried to walk straighter. And no, I have not vacuumed my stairs this week. You can see his foot does not function properly.


Urbane Ones said...

I think it could be a number of things.

Is it hot to touch or painful for Matthew? If so, it could be inflammation of a bursa.

It could also be that the fascia in the side of his foot is torn and the muscle is poking through.

It could also just be an inflammatory does not look vascular (not red enough).

Have you tried icing it (easier said than done with a kid who has SPD) to see if hat brings it down?? Rubbing in arnica gel will relieve pain and inflammation in the area...I swear by the stuff.

Hope you figure it out.

Always A Party..... said...

He is walking those stair pretty darn good these days.

Jade get lumps from her knees down to her ankles that look like that. The first time we noticed them she was just 6 and they did surgery to remove them but now they just inject the lumps with someone once a month until they are gone.

Hope you figure it out soon. Do they bother him, hurt or are red?

Jo-Ann said...

Thanks for the ideas. No, it is not hot to touch but he says it hurts if I touch it. He also says it hurts all the time and yet ran for an hour last night at soccer no problem.

They are not red but deep purple.

Gosh, hope it is NOT torn muscle. What worries me is it is near the attachment site of the tendon transfer.

This appointment can not come fast enough...