Wednesday, March 11, 2009

That can't be good

Just back from physio. I asked Matthew's p/t what the bumps could be. After some manipulation and thought her best guess is that the first bump is the tip of his talus.

She thinks that maybe his foot has rotated enough that the tip of the talus is now protruding outward. She also thinks it is possible that more bone is being laid down on top of the tip.

That can't be good.

18 days and counting...


Sara said...

That doesn't sound good, but at least she had some idea what it might be. Thank goodness your trip is soon. I pray that you get more answers.

Jenn M said...

That doesn't sound good.

Like Sara says, thank goodness your trip is asap.

Good luck!

Allie said...

Oh wow, poor Matthew! You'll be in good hands, our ortho is good friends with Dr Dobbs and speaks very highly of him.

Always A Party..... said...

Oh my, poor little Matthew.

Hang in there, not long till you get some answers.

Mama J. said...

In areas of high friction the body will sometimes lay down bone as a protective mechanism.

I hope the next 18 days go very quickly for you...I can just imagine how much you need answers right now.


Me said...

Oh geez. Let's see what the doctor says in 18 days! Good luck and positive thougths your way.