Monday, March 2, 2009

Conversations with a 6 year old

We had an amazing conversation while driving to school today.

"Mommy, is there a bone in your tongue?"

"No Matthew, your tongue is all muscle"

"How can it move without a bone?"

"Muscles are what make your bones move"

"So if you can't walk, does that mean you have no muscles?"

"No, it means that something is wrong with the muscles. They are still there but they aren't working properly"

"How do they work?"

How perfect can this conversation be? How timely?

"Your brain is the boss of your body. It sends a message to your muscles to move. That message travels on a road called a nerve. If there is something wrong with the nerve or the road, the message can't get there"

"And then you can't move your muscle?"

"yes Matthew. It is like your foot. The nerve to your foot has some problems so the messages from your brain have a hard time getting there"

It was quiet back in the van. Matthew was thinking.

"So Mommy... that is why I can't wiggle my toes. And that is why I can't move my foot like this."

"yes Matthew. But does it slow you down?"

"No Mommy."



I think he is ready to be told about St Louis. Wish me luck.


Jennifer said...

Oh, what a great discussion! Best of Luck Jo-Ann

Sara said...

Good luck. :)

Dani Heidecker said...

What a great opening. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, tell him that his new doctor is so anxious to meet him because he wants to help make the foot work even if the nerve is being silly or stubborn. And trust me, he really wants to make you as a mom feel good about the whole situation too. You are in the best of care, good for you for being such a great advocate. I'm so glad we've met (almost)! :)Jamie

Urbane Ones said...

Sometimes they just amaze us...he does sound ready!!

Good luck!

Jenn M said...

Good luck :) mahsin

Kim said...

Wow, what a great conversation. Children are so much smarter than we ever give them credit for. Good luck!