Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So far so good...

I started the conversation with Matthew. Ok, so I admit, I didn't tell him everything, but then after all, I truly don't know exactly what will happen. I told him that a doctor far away wants to see him to see if he can make his foot work better.

"will he get rid of my extra ankles?"

Matthew has two lumps that have recently formed and are getting bigger on the top of his foot in line with his ankle and his big toe. I should take a picture and post it, maybe some one has an idea what is happening there. It worries me, but we are seeing "THE doctor" in a few weeks. Trying not to think to much about it.

We talked about how this doctor will look at his foot and could put his foot in a cast. (I couldn't bring myself to tell him it will be a full leg cast yet. I will, just taking baby steps) He was not impressed but for reasons I had not thought of.

"But I don't want anyone is school to see the cast so we have to take it off right away."
"Sorry, but you will have to have it for awhile"
"How long?"
"I really don't know, the doctor can tell us that"
"Ok, but only 7 days, not 28 days, then no one will see it"

Wow. How could he be worried about what other kids will think? He is only 6. How sad. We talked about how other kids probably have had casts before and that his friends could sign it.

Then I told him that the doctor was far away and that we would need to fly there, just Mommy and him. Honestly, I did not see this one coming. He was really upset and said NO! I asked why and he said he did not want to go because Ryan would get into his room while he was gone.

The mind of a 6 year old.

We talked some more about it being an adventure on a plane and staying in a new city. He seemed ok with it so far.

I even mentioned that we may have to go back and stay awhile. He was upset about Ryan staying with Grandma and Grandpa. He said that wasn't fair. Hard to disagree with that one.

I am going to give it a few days before I fill in the rest of the information. Let him get used to this part for now.


LittleBlueFuzzy said...

Sometimes when I come here and read your stuff, I just want to hug you, cuz I can't find the words.


Jennifer said...


TMI Tara said...

The way a mind's child thinks is just beyond me! That he was worried about Ryan getting in his room.... Funny!

I'm glad he's embracing the idea.... slowly. Of course it will be the best thing for him. I'm sure THE doctor will help you in many ways. Love to you!

Sara said...

HUGS to you Jo-Ann.It makes me a little sad that he is worrying about what others think too. But I bet the other kids will think it is cool. I had a cast when I was in grade two and I was the center of attention for awhile. I hope he doesn't worry too much. Praying that this all works out as smoothly as possible for you and your family. HUGS! Miss you.