Thursday, May 27, 2010


The boys are playing little league for the first time and having a great time. I must confess, I really enjoy it too.

So, for those of you who come here to see what a neuromuscular clubfoot kid with a leg length discrepancy can do, here is a short video of Matthew from ball last night. (he is wearing a shoe lift and an AFO)

Baseball, no problem.

Now, those of you with eyes on their own clubfoot again and see what I see. That left foot is completely turned in when he runs. Must work on that.

And not to be outdone, Ryan. Can that batting helmet be any bigger? Cracks me up.

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Sue said...

This is SO cute! That batting helmet is hilarious ... like some kind of adorable bobble-head. :)

I certainly do see that stubborn left foot -- in fact, I noticed it even when he was still batting, taking that small step before he swings. Even that step is stiffly pointed inward. "Must work on that" ... but how? Through PT?

You know what I love, though ... it's like he doesn't even know it. He's functioning wonderfully -- and playing so well!! -- and yes, you do want to strive toward "fixing" it as much as you possibly can. But that little guy is so happy, and that "whoop!" when he reached first base kind of sums it all up. He is NOT going to let it stop him.

Glad the boys are into this ... I keep saying I have to find some team for Aidan (he's got a KILLER line drive but he throws like the proverbial "girl") but never do. I think I'm lazy. :)