Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Cautious Foot Update

I've been keeping pretty quiet about this thinking maybe my eyes and hopes were playing tricks on me. Now, I think I'm ready to share.

A few weeks ago, during Matthew's p/t, both Steve and I thought we saw Matthew's toes move upwards. Steve was not able to get Matthew to repeat it. He has tried, every week since then, quietly distracting Matthew then tickling and watching carefully.


I try at home when I stretch him.


So I started to try something else. I started asking Matthew to pull his foot to the left (outwards). We've been working on it for two weeks now and I think we are starting to see something.

With Matthew's nerve damage, he was born without the ability to move his foot upwards or outwards. The tendon transfer he had done two years ago was to help with that. We were told it could be years before we saw results. When he was 4 months post op we saw a flicker of movement. It took weeks for anyone else to see it, but for us we knew it was there.

Now we are starting to see a new flicker. His foot outwards and his toes upwards. It is really hard to see, but then, so was the movement 4 m post op.

And Matthew told me he as been working on it on his own. And, he knows what muscles he has to use. This kid never ceases to amaze me.

Here are the latest videos. Let me know if you see it too.


Allie said...

What an awesome kid!!!

neaseyl2 said...

I see it, I see it!! How wonderful!! I am so excited for you and him both:) Makes my day.

Sympathypains said...

Awesome...Good for him!

Sara said...

I think I see it Jo-Ann. :) That is amazing to hear him tell you what muscles he is using. What a boy!

Keep up the good work Matthew! xx

Anonymous said...

YES, I see it! How awesome and inspiring is that! :) I think it's great to hear him tell you what muscles he is using and just so cool that he pointed to the back of his calf since that is the muscle he's now using due the tendon transfer when the rest of us actually use that muscled for something else. Can't wait to see you in a month. Jamie