Friday, May 28, 2010

The Dog House

Last fall, my drier died. I wanted to replace my washer and dryer with a nice new fancy set. The old set was 15 yrs old and the washer was working, but I suspected, not long for the world.

My husband did not want to replace a machine that worked and found a great drier for an amazing price. I agreed to get it only if he promised me a nice, new front loader when this washer died.

He agreed.

So, my washer died. Well, not completely, but it was starting to leak and not spin very well. Even my husband agreed, it's days were numbered. Time for a new one.

We went out and checked what was out there. Shopped around. Started looking for some sales. After all, we had a bit of time, the old one still worked somewhat.

So, what does husband do? Buys his buddy's washing machine, brings it home, sets it up. His buddy bought this 4 months ago and found out he is moving. Will not be bringing it with him. Apparently, it was a good deal.

Apparently, the buttons to choose water temperature and spin speed do not work. Or, as my husband says, "No, they are preset, you can't change those"

Hmmmm, why have buttons if you can't use them.

So, hubby is in the dog house. I am not happy that this machine has been in the house for less then a week and now it seems we need to have a repair man here.

So, to get out of the dog house, hubby decided to do some laundry for me. Well, at least his three items of mine. Two socks and a sexy pair of underwear. Why my sexy undies? I can only suspect he thought they may be his reward for doing such a good deed.

He washed said items without my knowledge. Then, put said items into the drier...without my knowledge. Then, forgot about them.

I just pulled the load out of the drier. There was a piece of gum that managed to be washed along with said items.

By the way, I do not chew gum.

Out of a load of laundry filled with his shirts, socks and pants, this lovely rock hard, heat cooked piece of gum was melded to my sexy underwear.

I am not one for revenge, but I am wondering if this little piece of mail that arrived today might just happen to fall into the paper shredder.


Jennifer said...

Ooooooh..... good one! Although if he isn't out hunting, he may try to do more laundry.

Sara said...

Well... after all is said and done, at least you have a nice clean pair of socks to wear. lol :)

Sue said...

HAHAHAHAAA!!! Oh, this just CRACKED me up. Loved the sexy underwear saga ... There's some lesson to be learned in here, somewhere. Maybe you can offer to buy him his next power tool when it croaks? And then use it to cut up a chicken for dinner!