Thursday, November 13, 2008

A new AFO

Long day yesterday.

Took Matthew in to see his orthotist Ken. Have I ever mentioned I love Ken?

Ken was very quiet. Looked at the new prescription, looked at Matthew's foot, had him walk, looked at the prescription, looked at the broken AFO, then said he had to go think, and left. He came back awhile later and said he was consulting with 2 other techs in the back who followed him in. They all examined Matthew, his AFO, and conferred, called Matthew's surgeon, then conferred again. When all was said and done, we had been there 1 1/2 hours.

He has decided to do something different in order to try and stop his foot from regressing so quickly. No guarrentees but it sure is nice to see someone take the time to try and solve a problem.

And again, in the end, he had Matthew go online with him and special ordered a batman pattern for his new AFO. It won't be arriving for 2 weeks so that means 3 weeks without an AFO. Yikes. Not a good thing.

I got home and called the physiotherapist from Matthew's school to try and set stuff up. She now has him on the short list (because he is still less then a yr post-op) for Alberta funding for physio. He could get it by Jan. Hubby's plan allows for some funding so we will exhaust that for now. She will start seeing him next week.

She also recommended getting him a wedge. So after more phone calls back and forth to a store that has what I need and numerous calls back and forth to Ken's office, we went out and got his wedge.

Maybe it is because we now have a plan, maybe it is because the boys are finally back at school, maybe it is because I was able to get out with good friends last night and laugh, but I am feeling stronger today. The first of many steps forward on a long journey.

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