Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, we are off to see Matthew's surgeon this afternoon. I have been waiting rather impatiently for this appt but now that it is almost here, I don;t want to go. I guess I am nervous that he is going to say that perhaps this surgery was not that successful.

I guess it is a good thing that this appt hits at the same time as the Care For Kids Radiothon. It is keeping me grounded by reminding me that regardless of what happens with his foot, he is still healthy, at home, and will live a long successful life. It is as much as I could ask for.

So, anyways, I am making my list of questions for the surgeon.

how successful was the surgery
where do we go now
do we need to start physio (foot turning in, walking on side of foot)
how is the fit of his AFO... ankle placement
foot rub marks/calluses is this a concern
should we be concerned about the bruising around top of AFO
his foot seems so tight is this a concern
can he do ski lessons

So that is it so far. Will have to think some more to see if there are any others.

Will update this afternoon some time.

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