Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some days are harder then others

We went geocaching today. Normally a day that the boys love. The first cache was just shy of 1 Km hike in along a river, no elevation. Weather was picture perfect. Matthew, who normally runs ahead was behind dragging. By the time we got to the cache, he was grumbling. So unlike him.

When we turned around to walk back, he begged to be carried. Sobbed. His foot hurt.

We made him walk it. Maybe that seems extreme. Like really bad parents, cruel, hateful. But even 5 months post surgery, he was able to do 4 km. But, that was with an AFO. I never realized just how much his AFO supports him.

It was so hard to see him struggle with what should have been a fun and easy day.

We go on Wednesday to see Ken, his orthotist. It was the earlist possible appt for him. He will be casted so Ken can make a new AFO for him. His first ever that is 10 degrees off neutral. Makes me sick to my stomach. For the first time ever, we are giving him a support that is not meant to get him to neutral position. I fear it is a step in the wrong direction, but the only thing we can do. And we are only 9 1/2 m post surgery.

I can only pray for guidance.

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