Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love Matthew's physiotherapist. I do. She is knowledgeable, loves Matthew, willing to get direction from doctor's, confer with other p/t's, and she has given me not only her office and cell number, but her home number and home email address as well.

Why would we change?

Because the commute to her office is horrid. The reason Why I Hate Tuesdays.

I have found someone who is 7 minutes from our house. He is not a pediatric p/t but he works with kids and is willing to take on Matthew. We have an appointment on Wednesday. And I am nervous. When I told him that his current p/t was willing to come in and show him what she has been doing with him, he seemed ok, but then called later and told me it wasn't necessary. She is still meeting us there.

He also told me to book a late appointment. After 7 pm. Ummm, my kids are in bed by 7:30 pm.

So, my red flags are cautiously raised, but still hoping it works out.

Countdown to St Louis, 5 days.


Jennifer said...

Wow 5 days! That came up fast didn't it. Hope your trip south is a great one.
This new p/t does raise a few flags. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya. Are you able to get a recommendation from your current one?

Allie said...

Wow, I didn;t realize you guys were going back to St Louis so soon! Hope the trip is good and Dr. Dobbs gives you good news. Keep us posted on how the new p/t goes! Fingers are crossed that it works out!

Sue said...

I didn't realize you were going back to Dobbs so soon either. Is it just for a check-up, to monitor his progress? Sure hope so ... and I hope the news is good!

Oh, it's SOOO hard to change what you know, and what you know works WELL. Red flags are indeed warranted -- not necessarily regarding his "capability," but for what YOU guys will need. Keep us posted on how the appointment goes!

How does Matthew feel about it, by the way? Just curious ...

Jodi Patterson said...

7pm is late for a childs appt. I'm surprised at that.

Another trip to St. Louis already? Seems you were just there doesn't it.

I hope everything goes good with the new PT

neaseyl2 said...

Yes 7 is very late for a kid appointment. Flags are up. I hope that he turns out great. Change can be so good.

Jesslikesstuff said...

Wow how nice of your old p/t to offer to come meet with your new one!

I really hope this new guy works out. If he does it sounds like it will make life much easier!! Good luck :)!