Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why I Hate Tuesdays

Tuesday. Physio day. I hate Tuesdays.

Matthew has been doing well at school. He has settled down into routine. There are no fights to go, there are no tears.

Except Tuesdays. Physio day.

I picked him up after school. Told him he could only stay 10 minutes to play because it was physio day. He sobbed. Two moms I have never met came over and asked if everything was ok. Hard to explain to a stranger in 30 seconds what has been his lifetime.

We got in the van. He screamed. He cried. He refused to take his Motrin. He yelled. He cried some more. Unfortunately, this went on for the whole 55 min drive through downtown rush hour to his physio's office. And poor Ryan, along for the ride was shuttled to Daddy's car along the way, off to follow Daddy to his appointment.

Once there, he sobbed in the waiting room and begged me to stay. His p/t agreed I could stay only if he worked hard. And work hard he did for an hour. It hurt. It was hard. I could see. Normally, I don't. Now, I see why he hates Tuesdays.

50 minutes home through the last of rush hour, he didn't complain as much. I let him pick out a Bakugan toy at the dollar store. That kept him happy for most of the trip.

Once home, push dinner, a few minutes to play, then bed.

Now, for me, a glass or two of wine... and a few tears.

I hate Tuesdays.


Sue said...

Oh, how hard!! It's not only physically draining (for Matthew) but so emotionally draining for both of you. Just sitting back and watching ... Ugh. But boy, what a trooper -- plowing on like that once he got there. If nothing else it's building something up inside of him that's going to last a lifetime.

Hang in there ... and enjoy your wine! :)

Jennifer said...


Jenn M said...

Hugs. That sounds horrible. Huge hugs.

neaseyl2 said...

I am so sorry. Thats so hard for both of you. Wishing you better days. Hang in there:)

Anonymous said...

One day your daughter in law is goig to ask you how you raised such a wonderful son who is so persistant and such a hard worker...and you will look at that little foot and smile, reflecting back on all those Tuesdays! You/Matthew are always such an inspiration to me/Levi, but your allowed to have some tears too...hang in there! Jamie

Allie said...

Enjoy your glass of wine and tears! You deserve both! And make sure that glass of wine is a big one! :) Hang in there! You're such a great mommy and Matthew (and Ryan) are both so lucky to have you!

Jaye @ canadian-mom.ca said...

My heart just sank. xo