Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Physiotherapy - You're Doing It Wrong!

Have I ever mentioned that I do NOT have a degree?

Apparently I have been doing Matthew's p/t wrong. Placing too much pressure on the ball of his foot rather then lower down, causing some mid foot break.


Will adjust hand positioning while crossing fingers I haven't made things worse.

Have I ever mentioned that I do NOT have a degree?


Jennifer said...

{hug} Don't be too hard on yourself. You are learning too. Now that you know, things will be back on track.

Sympathypains said...

I hate when I get orders from doctors that are unclear. I know I seem like a nag in the office, but I make them show me what they want me to do a couple of times...and I still usually get it wrong.

Sara said...

I agree, don't be too hard on yourself. xx At least you know now and can make the changes needed. :)

Sue said...

Uh-oh ... what do you mean by "lower down?" Or rather, where? Are you talking about the stretch for dorsiflexion? Now I'm panicking, wondering if I'm pushing on the wrong part!

And did your therapist ever talk about or show you how to stretch out the big toe tendon? Grace's is perpetually tight -- when you stretch her foot, you can actually see it bulging out on the sole of her foot. That, in part, is what's contributing to her MA -- it's so tight and scrunched up that it's pulling that big toe inward. I've mentioned this elsewhere and no one seems to have heard about it. Just wondering.

And on a completely unrelated note (or maybe something to help you through PT!), try MadLibs online! Save your money before you buy one -- there's a cool widget that I just put on my blog and we've been having fun with it. Give a run through with Matthew and see how it goes! :)


Hang in there!

Jesslikesstuff said...

I don't understand how you could be expected to know how to do that? Definitely don't be hard on yourself. All you can do is learn and make changes the next time. :)

neaseyl2 said...

Doctors some time have the worst bed side manor I swear. Now you know how to do. Hang in there

Jodi Patterson said...

It will be ok Joanne, now you know what to do everything will be back on tract in no time.

It's not like you have a degree!!!!