Thursday, September 17, 2009

Physio...MY physio

Once upon a time I was a gymnast. Not a very good one. But a gymnast none the less. I liked it and worked hard. But still, not a very good gymnast. Then, one day, the head coach thought I had something. Not great gymnast potential but great coaching potential. My coaching career was born.

I have done or coached gymnastics for over 30 years. (I guess that hints a bit of my age...) In those 30 years, I have done some damage to my back. I remember some specific injuries. One in particular, after coaching for 5 hours trying out some Russian fronts. After all, if the boys could do them, why not the girls?

In case you are interested, this is a regular punch front that we all did

This is the Russian that we were working on

Maybe it was the fact that I had just coached for 5 hours. Maybe it was the fact that I was an inferior gymnast, but after landing a few Russians on a crash pad rather nicely, we decided to land them on the regular spring floor.

I landed mine with perhaps a slight twist in my back. I will say, I did land it on my feet thank you very much... Doesn't mean much when you are in your 40's and you have some rather extreme back pain.

After that day, I had some terrible back pain. I saw a chiropractor, it went away... but never far. It seemed to crop up every now and then.

Having 2 kids at an older age, I had some terrible Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. I blamed it on being old and having 2 kids in less then 16 months. But after reading up on it, seems its cause can be possibly because of a misalignment of the pelvis.

I have been seeing a physio for myself. I am in a lot of lower back pain. The worst is in the morning. I can barely get up out of bed but a hot shower and some stretches in the shower make it bearable.

Not knowing a lot of my history, my p/t said my hips are out of alignment. So much so my legs are different lengths. He has been working to get my hips back to position and strengthening my now mushy core.

Since starting on this path, my back still hurts more then ever. But, now, my hips hurt and my foot has been in spasms daily.

I hope this is progress. If I was a race horse, I would fear the worst.


Mama J. said...

Don't tell your physio, but I think you might also see a chiropractor.

Leg length discrepancy is something that, typically speaking, can be easily fixed... bear in mind that if your hips are out, the rest of your body is likely compensating as well...

So that odd pain you feel in your mid back (hypothetically speaking) is likely because of your hips too.


Hope you start to feel better toon.

Jo-Ann said...

Thanks Lisa. Guess I should have said that I was seeing a chiro all summer with no relief so I sought out a new plan.

I am wondering if my foot spasms has to do with my leg length changing. I also have an old broken bone in my foot that caused issues before...

Gosh I am so broken. lol

Jesslikesstuff said...

I had no idea you were a gymnastics coach! How cool. I did gymnastics too -- not very well. You were obviously more advanced if you were landing crazy moves like that. I stopped at roundoff back-handspring and then moved on to trampoline. I was afraid of jumping backwards. Not exactly gymnast material! lol!

I had to LOL at your race horse comment. Luckily you're not...and I do hope thatyou start feeling better soon. It must be very difficult to deal with back and hip pain AND little boys!

Jennifer said...

Hope you find some relief soon!

Sara said...

How did I not know that you coached gymnastics?

I hope your back feel better soon. Hopefully this is all working for the better. I sympathize with your pain as I have had back problems for years. Mine stems from a bulging disc that seems to keep bulging at the most inconvenient times. However, I have learned to deal with it and haven't had any major problems for a few years now (knock on wood). Good luck with your treatment.

Mrs. Bird said...

Ugh! I feel ya...I injured my back when I was 34 weeks pregnant with Brooklyn. I honestly am not sure I can handle another pregnancy because of it :( I saw a myophasial specialist last year, I dunno if I spelled that correctly...but my hips were off too and he fixed that. I still have pain pretty much daily and sometimes it's excruciating so I know your frustration. Good luck!