Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Time Is Right

The time is right to head back to St. Louis.

This is what happened to his brace yesterday.

Yes, I could take it in to his othotist here in town, but because we are off in 4 days, I fixed it myself. Thank goodness for my sewing machine.

And, yes, his brace straps are filthy. Yes, I have scrubbed them. This is as clean as they get. I think some new straps from Dave in STL are in order.

Another reason to be heading back... I am having a lot of doubts right now about his foot. Maybe it isn't doubts. Maybe it is me wanting his foot to be perfect. Maybe I have read too many posts these days on the clubfoot yahoo group of parents excited that their child's journey is done. Maybe I am just tired of battling with him to stretch his foot every day.

I want his foot to have 20 degrees of dorsiflexion. I want his foot to be straight. I want him to run without that foot turning in.

Maybe my hopes are too high.

Or maybe I am seeing a problem.

Either way, it is time to go back and see Dr. Dobbs for Matthew's check up.

Besides, they are calling for snow on Sunday. Seems everytime we go to St. Louis, it snows.

Countdown to St. Louis, 4 days.


Sara said...

Thinking of you all and hoping you have a good visit with Dr. Dobbs. xx

Anonymous said...

Good to know that I can just mail Levi's AFO to Canada when he breaks a strap since I don't even own a sewing machine! :) Sounds like the timing of your visit is'll either be releived or your have a different tx plan, either way, you know you will get straight answers. :) Looking forward to hearing how the trip goes. Safe travels. Jamie

Jennifer said...

Keeping my fingers crossed it all goes well!

Allie said...

Thinking of you! I hope everything in St Louis goes great!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Good luck! I hope your visit goes really well and that you find out that his foot is doing great :).

Allie said...

Have a safe trip on Sunday! I'll be thinking of you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.