Thursday, September 10, 2009

For you Sue

My blogger friend Sue was asking about my clematis. Because I am rather proud of it, I will answer in a post. :)

I planted my clematis a few yrs back. Can't remember how many years. It was one stalk, maybe 2 feet tall. Looked happy, but up against the 12 feet of lattice, I am sure the poor thing felt it had rather big shoes to fill. And fill it has. It has grown from one tiny stalk a few years ago, adding each year to this year where I gave up trying to count the stalks. Every year it grows more.

Last year

This year - it hit the top

A few tips I have for growing clematis.

It loves hot and sunny spots. This is the hottest and sunniest spot in our yard.

It likes to have it's roots shaded. I used to plant flowers below it. Then I had a lovely plant come in from our neighbors yard. This year, the sunflowers did the job.

For winter... In warmer climates then mine, it will survive and grow from where it left off. In my climate, if I want it to continue to grow, I should lay it down in the fall and cover it. Then put it back up in the spring. Sorry, that is not going to happen. What I do is leave it all up for the winter. We put a bird feeder up and the birds move from dry vines and lattice to the feeder. It is right by the kitchen window and makes for a lovely winter show. We have already seen the sparrows start to take cover.

In spring, once it starts to grow, I cut back the dead vine. Last year, up to a foot survived. Other years, I have cut it back to the ground.

I love my clematis.


Sue said...

Wow, I am honored to have a post dedicated to me and my first foray into the world of clematis! :) Thank you SO much for this, Jo-Ann ... My gosh, it's just HUGE! No wonder you're proud of it! :)

OK, so I'm off to a good start -- my plant, too, was just one stalk about 2 ft. high or so. It's not in the ground, though, but in a giant pot -- I think it should do fine there. I did cover the base -- the entire pot is filled with impatiens.

I was surprised that you leave it up all winter long -- and then cut it back in the spring? OK -- I'll have to remember that. I'm excited to see it grow next year! :) Thanks so much for this!

Jaye @ said...

Beautiful, thanks for the tips! =)

Always A Party..... said...

I love it!!

I have tried three times to grow them in my yard with no success.