Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I love It When A Plan Comes Together

I am thrilled to say things are looking up. And by looking up, I mean good for us. I would think that for most parents, where we are now would still be considered difficult. But we are far from where we have been.

Matthew woke Monday morning sobbing at 7 am. Many tears and protests later, I was able to get through to his teacher before school started. I asked if she could introduce the outdoor supervisor to him at recess. She said no problem. I took him to school and he sobbed and told me he was scared of the bell, of all the kids, of all the kids rushing to the building when the bell went. He sobbed in line until he went through the door.

I fretted all morning. Wondering how it was going, wanting to be a fly on the wall... but only if the news were good.

I picked him up for lunch and he said his morning was good! Then he told me he only cried two times. But, really, it is his perception that counts. He felt it was good, so it was good. We added a sticker to our calender. He said he liked being with the teacher at recess, apparently stuck to her like glue. Again, better then sobbing at the door for 15 min.

I dropped him off for the afternoon and was confronted by the playground supervisor. Apparently adults are NOT allowed on school grounds during the lunch hour without a visitor badge. I apologized and said I was unaware as it was not stated in the handbook. To which she replied (rather curtly I might add) that she in fact had never read the handbook but this is the rule. She was so confrontational that it started Matthew crying, who by the way had at that point gone the longest without crying. So now, I have to stop in the office and get a visitor badge every lunch time.

Dropped him off again sobbing. Kids around looking at him wondering what was wrong. Had to detach him from me to get him to follow the line.

Picked him up after school to another it was good Mommy comment. Again, maybe not the best in some people's eyes, but better then where we were.

The mom of the little boy asked if Matthew wanted to play on the playground afterschool rather then go our house. They did play for a few minutes. That was good, but it was not the connection I was hoping for. I wanted the boys to be one on one. No other kids to distract their play. Better connection that way. But better then nothing.

This morning, there were tears again but his teacher said that he actually played on the playground at recess as she was the supervisor today. Her goal for him is tomorrow to play with a friend for the whole recess. She also mentioned that he seemed to be terrified of the toilet flushing. Yup, that's Matthew.

So, not tear free, not "I love school" but much much better. And better days are coming.


Sara said...

So glad it went better today.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great improvement! WTG Matthew!
I don't understand the needing a Visitor tag when you are on the grounds at lunch, do no parents drop off their kids early to play a bit before the bell. Or do they all dump them off at the curb and leave? Strange. Needing a tag while in the school I understand. Are you able to see if you can get a permanent one?

Always A Party..... said...

Wow what a great improvement in two short days!

Just you wait, one day you will drop him off and away he will go without even blinking an eye.