Saturday, March 22, 2008

The best is yet to come

Heard back from the children's yesterday. Guess I am panicking a bit too early. Sounds like all we are seeing is completely normal and that wearing his AFO (and going barefoot at times) is the best thing at this point. I thanked the nurse for calling but did ask her about his numb spots on his foot. That is also normal. Apparently most of those will go away with time as the nerve grows back.

On to today.

We went out to Home Depot this morning. Matthew felt he had to run. So, we let him. And run he did. Hubby and I had to pick our jaws up off the floor. That kid, who 8 weeks earlier had his foot basically reconstructed ... RAN.

No Terry Fox hop.

No slow, uneven gait.

He ran.

That little foot of his lifted straight back and pulled through...straight.

It was a sight that only hubby and I appreciated. And maybe the older lady who was in the aisle with us, because I was bursting and had to tell her as Matthew ran up and down and up and down that aisle. Certainly the guy who worked there and told Matthew he shouldn't be running didn't understand. But that's ok. By that time, Matthew had asked me to chase him, so I did and I think after a minute, maybe some one said something becuase he too stood and watched.

We were supposed to be headed to Cabo San Lucas to dive the Sea of Cortez. I am told it is a truly wonderful thing to see. Sadly, those people have been misinformed, and I am truly blessed not to be in Cabo on a beach. I can dive 1000 more times any where in the world and still, the most amazing sight was today, that little boy, running for all it was worth.

And the best is yet to come.


tara @ kidz said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The best truly is to come.

You just about hae me canceling our tropical vacation that's scheduled for later this year. Nah, I'll still go. but I definitely agree there is nothing so beautiful as watching your child beat the odds and exceed expectations. Nothing.

Mindy said...

That is so sweet! I can just imagine what a feeling that would be after all your struggles.

Amanda said...

What an amazing moment for your family!

Colleen said...

always believe!

Mandy said...

Yah!! SO fun to read this!! Our son has DAFOS also and has Spina bifida and he is sooo much fun, yet he is a handful!! I totally get the small and simple things in life bring sosooo much joy to a mom! Every mountain they climb most of the time is small to others yet HUGE to those of us who have watched them learn and grow for so long even those little things are huge accomplishments!! Congrats!!
I snuck over from the KIDZ blog!! Love to hear good news like that!!