Wednesday, March 26, 2008



I keep hearing my friends tell me I have a lot of strength. It is nice to hear, but I honestly don't feel that I posess any more strength then the average mom.

The one who is strong is this amazing 5 yr old that some greater power decided would be bestowed to me. I sometimes imagine the conversation...

'See that woman? She has been praying for a baby for many yrs. She has had many heartaches. Give her Matthew. He is head strong, determined, and will push her every day. She waited so long, she will embrace that pushing, it will make her strong enough to deal with all that comes with him.'

I gather my strength from Matthew. Here is a kid who all he wants to do is run and yet, running is so difficult for him. But, he never sees that. All he sees is that he can run fast, and that he will run faster now that his foot has been operated on. His faith and determination give me strength.

We had the first of many orthotic adjustments today. He limped into the clinic because his AFO was rubbing his ankle. Taber (Ken is away) adjusted it and had Matthew walk in the hall to see if it was better. Matthew ran. Of course. For him, there is only running and sleeping.

He never once got mad that his AFO hurt his ankle. He didn't get mad that he ran so fast that his foot couldn't keep up and he had to do a few hops. He didn't get mad that his little brother was ahead of him. Because, you see, Ryan was only barely ahead of him today.

And tomorrow is a new day.

I am no stronger then average. I am just blessed to have a strong 5 yr old who never complains that his foot doesn't work right, he just waits patiently and keeps running, til it does.

How can I not be in awe of that. He is my strength.

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