Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a little bit yucky...but what a difference!

here are some photos. Because he has been casted for 8 weeks, the scabs have not fallen off yet, but the skin underneath is pink and the incisions look great. All of the skin on his foot will peel off within the next few days to a week.

Inside of his foot. This is where they removed the posterior tibial tendon from and where they released (by cutting) all of the muscles in his foot because they were too tight. I'm guessing by it's size, they were also able to remove the part of his heel bone from here too.

Top of his foot where they reattached the posterior tibial tendon. If you look up his leg, you can see the bottom of another incision

Bottom of his foot. You can see the wart just below his toes. It looks like we may loose it soon. You can also see the where the big blister is that I mentioned after his cast change 2 weeks ago. It should come off very soon. Matthew is already picking at it. You can also see one of the incisions on his leg.

And the big difference....



His foot is so much straighter already!

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