Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18, a day of celebrations

So... Today.

Got at the hospital at 7:55 this morning. Everyone was waiting. Margo, Jenn, Ken, and Taber. Poor Matthew. He brought Cat (his favorite stuffie) but left it in the van because he said "mommy, I am going to be a brave boy and don't need cat" He took one look at everyone and freaked. Screamed for cat and ran the other way. I grabbed him, picked him up and he yelled "put me down! I'll walk in" Then a huge grin and giggle started from him. Hmmmm, bet he was gonna run.

Got him in and Margo cut the cast off to tons of screaming and crying and a few "uncle"s (hubby plays with them and makes them say Uncle Crusher to stop)

His foot is looking so much better then 2 weeks ago. The swelling has gone down so much! It no longer looks like a huge club attached to the bottom of a skinny stick.

Ken gave the boys doughnuts that he brought. Did I ever mention that Ken was the first one to ever give the boys doughnuts?! Did I ever mention that I love Ken?! He is so great with Matthew. He put the plaster cast on, it dried and it was cut off in the span of Matthew eating his doughnut.

Ken left, we see him tomorrow at 12:30 for his AFO fitting. It will be another Spiderman one.

Margo said it was ok for matthew to go without a cast til tomorrow. So while they were getting a wheelchair for him, I asked Margo if it was possible that he was moving his toes upwards. She said that the tendon transfer should start to take effect 6 weeks post surgery. We are 8 weeks post surgery so she said yes, it is completely possible, but not huge movements yet. Then she said she has been working with matthew a long time (yrs). She said she is so pleased with how his foot looks and is being manipulated that we are going to be very pleased with the results of this surgery. All the while she had a huge grin on her face.

OMg I had to fight back a few tears there!

So, I took matthew to school and told him, as soon as he feels he can, he is allowed to walk on his foot. I carried him in, but with in 10 min, he was walking on it. I tell ya, I was shocked... yet again but that little boy.

I had told him he could come home with me after free play if he wanted to, but he said he would stay. So, Ryan and I came home and he stayed like nothing special had happened today.

But today is a very special day. You see, 4 yrs ago Sunday we were given Matthew's diagnosis of nerve damage, and the path that we were to be on was outlined as much as it could be. We already knew about the clubfoot, the nerve damage was difficult to deal with. And we didn;t get much time because that night, I was sent to the hospital to be induced 3 weeks early to have Ryan because he had stopped growing and needed to be out immediately.

Little Ryan joined our family 4 yrs ago today, weighing in at 4 lbs 7 oz.

So almost 4 yrs to the date of matthew's diagnosis, he is on the road to recovery. And we get to celebrate with birthday cake and candles.

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