Monday, March 10, 2008

Operation Freeze revisited

We repeated Operation Freeze on the weekend. It went equally well, he only fussed for about the last 5 sec, and then went right back to sleep. I am so thankful that pharmacist gave me that hint. that it will be gone by the time he gets his AFO.

Went out yesterday and bought Matthew a new bike. His bike was so so so small it was comical. That extra 4 inches really showed on his old bike.

So the afternoon was spent bike riding around from the park to our house, to the other park and back again. Ryan is doing well, he was still riding a tricycle last summer, so he is pleased to have a 2 wheeler. Still needs some practise, but at this rate, hubby and I will have to pull out our bikes just to keep up.

Next week is the big day. Out of the cast, into the AFO. Starting to get nervous already. He is going to be very weak because the muscle and tendon that was moved won't be fully functional yet and will probably be sore without the support of the cast. Wondering how soon he will be walking on it. Glad I still have an ample supply of codeine.

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