Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good news from the hospital!

Great news from the children's today!

Matthew got to see Margo and she took a look. She is unsure as to why the bottom is damp, but after looking she is confident that there is no bleeding or oozing of other fluids Apparently, they switched to a new material inside the cast that does not absorb liquids (she even showed me... very cool) and the fiberglass is water proof. So it is impossible that anything would leak through the cast. It would come out the toes first and seeing the toes are dry and as far as you can see in the cast is dry, she is confident all is good.

What a relief!

The best thing was when he was really upset at having someone look at his cast. He took off running down the hall away from me. I watched in awe and with a few tears. His foot swung straight through. No inturning, no swinging it around, no unusual running gait just straight on through.

Then I had to chase him down and get him before he escaped out the front door. Man! He can run fast!

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