Thursday, February 7, 2008


Hubby and I were going to celebrate his turning 40 in Oct and my turning 40 this coming Sept with a trip without the kids. The beginning of April was perfect. We can get a great condo in Cabo San Lucas, great flights with West Jet and found some dive companies. April works for my parents to come in from Vernon and watch the boys for us. Really excited, needed a break from the boys.

Sat down and started talking about it. Matthew is in his current cast until the first week of March. The next cast will be 2-3 weeks based on the amount of swelling. That takes us to around March 25ish. Then he will be casted for his AFO (they use the cast to make the AFO) and casted again until the AFO is ready. That takes us to about April 9 or 10th. Then there are the constant AFO fittings and adjustments that take place over the next few weeks to ensure a good fit that makes his foot do what it is supposed to and not give him blisters.

There is no way we can go away in April. We can not determine how long this process will take or how many appts he will need. I can't drop that on my mom. It is hard enough for me and I deal with it all the time. I would worry that she would miss something. I am sure she would worry about it too.

So we decided to cancel our trip. We were both a bit bummed. Then we thought about it. What would be the best gift for turning 40? Seeing that little boy run with a straight foot that doesn't drop and make him trip. That would be the best gift I could ever ask for. And if I am lucky, I just might get it by my 40th birthday.

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