Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I tried, I really did. I tried really hard to find a shoe or boot or ANYTHING to fit over that cast. No luck. His foot is a size 11 and the size 3 was almost big enough. I refused to buy a shoe that many sizes too big. He would just trip and fall over it.

Instead, I found a second rocker shoe from last spring back in the closet. (a rocker shoe is an open toe and open heel canvas shoe with velcro to hold it on) I was able to put a touque on his cast and the rocker over top. So at least now he can walk outside.

Problem is, this child is never happy with moderation, or compromise. He wants it all. And, well don't we all. So he wants to go sledding after school again. So today I made it happen for him. I was able to put the touque on, then a large ziplock bag, secure it with a few elastics and add the rocker shoe on top. Not pretty, but fashion has never been a huge concern around here.

So as soon as I could secure the rocker, he was out the door running with his sled up the hill and down it. It is funny. He took it all in stride. He didn't question the look of it. He didn't step tenderly or even check it after a few runs to see if it was ok. He just did it.

For me, the best thing was not that he was able to slide again. It was seeing him so normal. Out there, dog piling with his little friend, running up and down, laughing all the way. Normal. That is all I want, and today, for a few minutes, I got it.

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