Saturday, February 2, 2008

OR Visit

We had a tough morning yesterday. Matthew woke at 6 am and could not get back to sleep. I am sure he was anxious. At 7 am he wanted juice and something to eat and I had to tell him no. He was told previously, but he lost it. He was screaming and headed for the kitchen. Got the juice out but not poured before hubby got him. I know it was his anxiety, but gosh it was a tough hour and a half before we left.

We arrived at the hospital at 9 am and he was in a wonderful mood. Was acting silly, and playing. It wasn't until 10:30 that he started to ask for something to eat. He was supposed to go in at 10:15 but his surgeon was running late.

He was finally called back at noon. I got to talk with his surgeon first. He told me that he expected a lot of pain. He said that normally he doesn;t do bone surgery with a tendon transfer the same day, but he decided to because it just looked so good when he tried. He said he may give Matthew a caudal again (like an epidural) and that he would most likely be on morphine when he came out. He also gave me a new script for morphine. He had given us 30 doses last week, this time he gave me 50 doses. He was expecting the worst.

What could I say? I wanted to scream NOOOOOOO. But said, I trust your judgement, and my brave little boy was wheeled off without me, cuz he said "mommy, I am a big boy"

It was supposed to take 30 min to reposition, remove stitches and re cast. It took 50 min. I was worried it meant that he had done the caudal. But when they finally wheeled his bed back, he was only on saline drip and NO CAUDAL!

He woke quickly, no puking, and we were able to go home by 4 pm after seeing the surgeon. He was pleased with how it all went and looked. Matthew had a small blister on his heal. Not good, but hopefully, it won't cause any problems. We have dealt with blisters under casts before. Not good.

He is going to be in this cast for 4 weeks. Then, a cast change and assessment as to how the swelling is doing. Then maybe 2-3 weeks in a new cast, then fitting for an AFO and another cast til the AFO is ready. So, maybe another 8-9 weeks in casts.

His surgeon said he can walk on it when he is ready. He took a few small steps last night. Should have seen his face. The grin was ear to ear.

He had a good night too. Had codeine at 6 pm then at 10 pm. He woke at 3 am, I gave him tylenol and he slept til 7. Looks like he will be pain free soon! Yay!

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