Friday, February 22, 2008

Operation Freeze

Tonight is the night....

We were back at the hospital yesterday. Wednesday night and early Thursday morning Matthew was waking in pain. That is unusual. I understand him being sore after running around, but in the middle of the night... So I called Margo at 7:50 am and left a message. She called me back within minutes and I took him in.

Margo thought the pain was odd as well so she cut back the cast at his little toe. Didn't find anything unusual though. She told me that I did exactly what she would have done if Matthew was her child, that kids only complain when they are truely in pain. We think that perhaps he is having muscle spasms through out his foot which are apparently normal after this surgery.

The other thing I asked about was the 'bump'. The week before his surgery, I noticed a bump on the bottom of his foot near his toes. Turns out, it is a wart. And it is growing. And it hurts for him to walk on. I asked Margo if I should try an over-the-counter thing to get rid of it. She said 'definitely'

So I called a pharmacy. Turns out the Dr Shoal's Feeze Away stuff we have is perfect for this sort of thing. She recommended waiting til he was asleep. That way, you can ambush him and get it started before he starts to scream and thrash around. And at that point, you only have to hold it on for another 10 seconds. Oh joy.

So, tonight is the night. Operation Freeze. This is how it will play out.

1800 hours Codeine crushed and served in spoonful of yogurt tube. Force fed if necessary.
1900 hours bedtime
2030 hours Drag accomplice (aka hubby) upstairs. Get tools ready.
2035 hours Begin Operation Freeze
2036 hours cuddle Matthew til he can go back to sleep.
2100 hours unwind with a glass (or two) of red wine

Wish me luck.

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